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Gardening Etc.

In the constant quest for the ideal garden Anne is now on page three. The new look will be slowly revealed as the spring and summer progress. Since the land on which the yard is sited is more vertical than horizontal, the decision to start a garden of any kind was met with a lot of scepticism, particularly from he who must haul all the dirt, rocks, plants etc. up or down the hill.

Anne gets the odd unannounced visitor while she is working in the yard. This is one of the neighbourhood bobcats that have been hunting in the area for a year or so.

Butterflies are abundant in the garden as well and, with time, Anne hopes to attract more of them.

One of the hazards of working in the great outdoors
appears here. These sometimes too friendly fellows cause Anne to get lots of exercise heading for the house to avoid their attention. Someday, the benefits of having a few bees in the garden will sink in and Anne will learn to live in harmony with them.

This is the Etc.Part

Anne has rejoined the work force recently. She doesn't consider it work since she is doing something that she really enjoys. She is working two days a week at The Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts.

The people she works with and the talented writers that she comes in contact with in her work make this a very rewarding experience.Of course, the time she spends here makes for lots of whining from old what's his name.

Anne is also very active with volunteer work at the local library and she is presently secretary of the Friends of the Sechelt Public Library. She is active in the Sechelt Garden Club where all the local slug chasers try out their methods of dealing with these slimy critters on one another. So far there have been no fatalities at any club meetings but passers by wonder about the ambulance parked at the side door.

As you can see, Anne has managed to fill her retirement and then some. All this activity makes Ken want to take a nap.

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