Our Hobbies

Anne is involved in a number of community volunteer groups. Her favourite is the Sechelt Public Library but she gives each one its deserved attention. She has also taken up knitting again. This has turned out to be an unexpected form of recycling as she has torn down the same sweater at various stages at least a half a dozen times. It looks like the sheep aren't in any great danger of losing too much wool to Anne as a little seems to go a long way.[picture of guitar]

Of course, with all of Anne's time taken up with her gardening and her volunteer work, poor Ken has to fend for himself much of the time and can be found feeding himself and their dog. This is becoming known around the neighbourhood and soon he hopes to be invited for a hot meal once in a while.

Somewhere along the road, Ken has picked up the mistaken impression that he can play a bit of guitar. Many people are of the firm belief that the reason the MacKenzie's home isn't bothered as much as the rest of the neighbourhood by the local wildlife, has a lot to do with Ken's atrocious playing and even worse singing.

No amount of discouraging comments seem to have the desired effect and, in fact, just strengthen his resolve to carry on, inflicting serious damage on the sensibilities of music lovers everywhere.

Follow the Bagpipe link for Ken's really weird hobby.

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