How it Used to be

[cartoon of slaves]

This will serve to remind Anne and Ken of what they left behind when they left the rat race and joined the ranks of the relaxed and retired instead of the taxed and the tired. Ken agrees that they are still taxed but it is at a minimum and they are actually getting more than they are giving for a change.

A quick glance at the slaves in the graphic will show that the Boss at the top is just as strung out as the lesser slaves. This is a direct result of having an employee as difficult to supervise as Ken. Many a manager has been seen running for the hills after being informed who his newest worker was to be.

Ken spent almost 32 years in the telecommunications industry in three different provinces. During that time he was mostly involved in the customer services area. He is now extracting his revenge by practising to become the most difficult customer any retailer could imagine. To that end, he has already been told by a few businesses on the Sunshine Coast that his patronage would perhaps be more appreciated elsewhere. He says that when he gets a retailer to this stage he is just warming up.

Anne spent many years as an administrator in the legal end of the oil business. She won't say how many years but it was more than two. All this experience has prepared her for handling the day to day lives of Ken and a neighbour's dog, Keesha, a six year old Heinz 57 that they dogsit five days a week. Anne claims that Keesha is easier to handle since she doesn't talk back although Ken has been making improvements in his obedience training.

Anne also has made use of her years of close association with the legal community to bail Ken out of some of his more embarrassing situations. You'll have to ask him what that is all about. Some people are still looking for him.

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