Santa With an Attitude

[cartoon of santa]

The community where Anne and Ken live has the good fortune to have a very active community association. Unfortunately, they didn't have a Santa for last year since the one that has done the job for the past twenty years moved away. Well, when they went looking for a new one who better than the tallest, fattest guy in the area. Ken was reluctantly dragooned into the job. As you can see, he has a bit of a problem with wood heaters and is seriously considering striking anyone who has such a contraption off his list as being dangerous to his health.

[beer bottle spilled]

The Usual Disclaimer and Attempt to Dodge Criticism.

[cartoon of sappy grin]

One thing that you will not find here is content of any redeeming value. It is a poor attempt to entertain and while there is a grain of truth in all that is reported here, never doubt that we aren't having a ball and enjoying our retirement to the fullest.

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