What We do With All That Time

Anne is heavily into gardening. Of course, that means that Ken is heavily into doing the heavy stuff, like building rock walls and moving large amounts of dirt while Anne goes shopping at the many garden centres in our area.

Ken is a jack of all trades, at least the ones that Anne has found a need for him to take up. Since Ken is required to master so many trades, he never quite gets to the state of competence that Anne would like to see.

[Fishing Rod]

Fishing the Sechelt Inlet

Ken is also a recreational fisherman who likes to go out on the Sechelt Inlet and scare the heck out of many different species of fish. Scare is the best term to use since he rarely brings home any fish. [cartoon of silly fish]

The fish in the picture is of a recently evolved species called "Loony Tuna." It is believed that it has developed over the past two years from laughing at the pitiful attempts of Ken and his pals to lure it to its death by dangling ridiculous bits of coloured plastic in front of its nose. In fact the species has taken to swimming around Ken's boat and taunting him with antic performances.

This has caused Ken to try to kill the fish by throwing various items of fishing gear and boating equipment at it. There is direct evidence of this found by a survey of the bottom of the inlet, which is littered with all sorts of gear with Ken's initials on it.

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