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A top 20 position! Guaranteed or your money back

Positioning your site
Nearly 90% of traffic to most web sites comes from search engines, therefore
search engine positioning is the most significant first step for web site promotion. Webworks Promo will place your web site on the most important search engines
and directories. Once we position your web site we'll track your position in each
search engine and make sure you stay on top.

Webworks services
Our certified search engine positioning experts will personally optimize, analyze and submit your web site to the 7 major
search engines and directories including Yahoo! Webworks
Promo will also hand pick and submit your web site to up to
400 directories and search engines relevant to your business.

Doorway Pages
Doorway pages are separate pages linked to your web site that utilize keywords
or phrases to increase your rankings on the search engines. doorway pages
utilize the keywords and content of your site and link directly to your homepage
or other pages of your site. Webworks knowledge of search engine algorithms
will ensure a top 20 ranking.