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Brief Bio

I was born in Essex England but moved to western Canada at only three years old. Most of my childhood was spent in the beautiful countryside outside of Victoria -- a place called Metchosin, meaning 'Stinking Fish' in Coastal Salish. The story goes that a whale rotted on the local beach for long enough to smell up the entire area...charming isn't it :).

Because I grew up swinging in the trees (and even pulled a "George of the Jungle" gag swinging into a tree and sliding all the way down cracking a rib in the process), I have an abiding interest in nature, like to support wilderness conservation efforts, go nature walking/hiking when possible, and always get annoyed when I see people littering.

I had some interesting part-time jobs while in high school, which taught me something about the worst of the work world, including: pumping gas from right after school until finished closing around 1am, and then sleeping through English class every day (and subsequently failing the class!); and stripping insulation off ocean-bottom wire cable at a recycling plant where the end of a shift would see me covered from head to foot (hair too) with the most sticky grease imaginable!

I am now a Computer Engineer with very little real artistic talent but a flair for putting stuff together. Perhaps that's why I spent the earlier part of my life (since I was eight I believe) first dreaming about, then tinkering with, and finally making a living at being a mechanic. I secured an apprenticeship right after finishing school (with unbelievable help from my shop teacher, Carl Johnson) and went on to get my journeyman license. I was quite good at mechanics but eventually decided that bashing around in the bowels of intergalactic cruisers was a very dirty way to make a living. There had to be a better way!

At first the better way was accepting a position as general manager of the Victoria Branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada . I know what you're thinking: "This guy really gets around. First a mechanic, then a Tai Chi Society general manager, then a computer engineer?" Just goes to show I'm flexible. I had already been involved with the Tai Chi club for a couple of years, first as a beginner student, then as a new instructor, then as treasurer, and finally as president. Once I became general manager I no longer served on the board of directors (it's a non-profit society), but did every job under the sun -- whatever needed doing. I maintained my volunteer teaching of Tai Chi outside of any paid work for another 8 years. I also met my wife at the Tai Chi club, assisting with teaching a class Irene was a student in.

When the time came to move on, I decided that in order to do some really interesting work in life a proper university education was needed. Up to this point I'd had no formal post-secondary education so I spent one year upgrading and the next 2 1/2 years completing the Computer Engineering Technology program at Camosun College . There was some interesting co-op and contract work with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways in this period, working in the Traffic Engineering Centre - Electronics Shop.

I decided to continue into the third-year of the program computer engineering at the University of Victoria once I gained my diploma. I also had some interesting co-op and contract work in this period including developing a Java/VRML interface for an electromagnetic simulation program, and an oil spill dispersion and recovery simulation program.

I read science fiction, biographies, physics, and magazines at a horrendous rate. I like my mountain bike and my computer. I like to hike with my award winning photographer friend, Don Larson. I have written (with my brother, a math professor at the University of Victoria) a computer game in my spare time over many years, up to 2001. We have released the game as freeware and you can find it here and download it. My other brother, Geoff, is a professor of Geomatics at the University of Laval. Talk about an educated family!

My teenage friends christened me "Crash and Burn Edwards", and I'll leave that story for another day, but suffice to say it involved more than one incident and more than one car (thankfully no one was hurt)!

I currently work as a software development manager at McKesson Medical Imaging Group, in Richmond BC, Canada. McKesson Medical Imaging produces medical imaging software and sells turnkey PACS solutions to hospitals worldwide.

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