Here’s a shot of the front of our cute little house from the driveway, in beautiful North Delta, BC (just outside of Vancouver). Notice a few wooden planters dotted around, including the wheelbarrow planter. These were my first woodworking jobs on moving to Vancouver, when we were renting a suite in a house and I only had a patio to build stuff on.



This is part of the backyard looking towards the patio, and my wife, Irene (Rene for short), watering the flowers (can you believe it, this was taken mid April!). You can just see the front of the shed through the apple tree blossoms on the left:



Another angle of the back yard, showing the work shed and Rene watering in the background. The big log sections stacked to the left of the shed are two of about a dozen I collected from local road sides, in preparation for my next big tool purchase – a wood lathe.



OK, now we’re getting close - you can see the bench inside the shed. Metal garden tools shed is on the left:



It’s definitely not the prettiest workshop, but it’s functional. Some of the counter top power tools (mitre saw, scroll saw, drill press and grinder):



A new addition - my Teknatool Nova 3000 wood lathe and a sturdy stand I built out of odd pieces I had around. This is a great lathe for the price. The lathe bed is a 35 year old cut-off piece of beam from my post and beam house. The stand doesn't move at all - the shed floor is what moves when the lathe has an out of balance piece in it :). The stand includes wheels and a handle to roll it around:



The first piece of our patio furniture set, a chair. This is my first attempt to build something close to real “jointed” (is that a word?) furniture, and it is what convinced me that I needed a real bench and not just a Black and Decker “Work-mate”.

It turned out much better than I’d hoped though – Rene says she’d like 3 more please J:



The first project built using the new bench – a patio table out of cedar:



A pyramid shaped trellis that I built out of scraps - Rene really liked the look of this one:



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