This page shows a few of my turning projects.


Here's my first green wood turned bowl - turned soon after I set up my lathe.

It's some kind of hardwood from a tree a neighbour fell. Some nice grain with a small bark intrusion and spalting:




This is my first turned pen, a Rosewood twist pen. I've made quite a few pens and pencils since then:



This is a Beech salad bowl I made as a gift for my mother. I turned a hole through the bottom which gave me

the opportunity to create a fancy two tone bowl:




Here's one of a pair of Canarywood bowls I made to go with the beech salad bowl for my mom:




Here's a shallow decorative bowl I turned from the same neighbour's tree as the first bowl above.

It has lots of interesting spalting, a bark intrusion, one natural edge, and a unique shape.

The photo's are not that great and don't do it justice, but you'll get the idea:




Here's a gazing ball stand I turned from some scraps laying around. You can also see the bathtub we buried to make a pond

and some of our tropical plants: