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Viking Siege 1.0 is being distributed as Freeware. If you like the game or have any suggestions, improvement requests, or bug reports, please feel free to e-mail us at the address listed under Support in the menu to the left.

Viking Siege 1.0 - Full version: Download Now

- Latest Bug-Fix or Enhancement Update: Dec 19, 2001

Installation Instructions:

- Save the self-extracting zip file VS10INST.ZIP to your hard disk.

- Find the VS10INST.ZIP file you downloaded and change the file name extension to .EXE, so the file name is now VS10INST.EXE.

Note that the file IS a WinZip self-extracting executable, but because of security filters at my web site service provider, it can't be downloaded with its proper ".exe" file name extension. However, it can also be unzipped like a standard ZIP file.

- For Windows installation either find the file VS10INST.EXE in Windows Explorer and double click on it, or select Run from the Taskbar Start menu and enter the full name of the file (for example, C:\DNLOAD\VS10INST.EXE), and follow the prompts.
- For DOS installation first install the PKZIP for DOS utility and then type:

pkunzip -d vs10inst.exe

This unzips all files into directory ./viksiege. After unzipping, open and read the Readme.txt file for more information.

Brief description:

Viking Siege is an ancient Scandinavian two player board game based on 'Hnefatafl'. This exciting game, once lost in antiquity and now brought to you by EBro Software, is one of the only board games that has unequal numbers of playing pieces and different goals for each side. Viking Siege combines simple rules with challenging play. Strategy follows a mythical tale where a larger army lays siege to a king and his warriors in their stronghold. The king must try to break out with the help of his warriors and the opposing forces must try to surround and capture the king.

Viking Siege features include:

- A powerful game engine that connects you to a number of mysterious legendary opponents from another world.

- The choice to play your friends, using the game interface.

- An extensive tutorial, F1 triggered help screens, lots of interesting historical and mythical references, hints during play, save and load games, and export a listing of moves in the current game to a text file for printing.

- 7x7, 11x11, and 13x13 board sizes to choose from.

- Swap sides during play, set how deeply your Viking Siege opponent is thinking, take back moves, and force your Viking Siege opponent to make the best move they have thought of so far.

- Mouse or keyboard operation.

More User Comments:

"One of the neat features of the game is that there are a variety of gods [...] We were extremely impressed with Viking Siege [...]"
"The good people at EBro Software [...] are happy to let others distribute this fine game for non-profit."  Heathen Europe

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