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OLD FISHING Reports to get you some ideas and get you motivated... !

On Jan 26th, Davis Bay Sports Fishing and his client slid out from Selma Park in the fog, but by the time they reached Trail Island the fog cleared and they were left with a flat calm day. The fishing was slow for the first hour or so but two hours before the low slack they hit a nice 10.9 lbs feeder. A seal grabbed it and let go then took a swing and a miss as the fish was netted. The fish hit an army/truck coyote and blue flasher from 160ft. They just got all the gear down again when a second fish took the sunk/punk gypsy and purple flasher from 150ft, this fish was just undersize. Itt also came to the boat sporting a fresh wound from the seal. The fishing was much like the day before as it died as they moved closer to the tide. The prawning was good again, with the best results coming from 280ft.

On Jan 27th, Dave T. reported that his fishing partner Phil was out in Halfmoon Bay and landed 3 legal springs mooching. Dave said he missed the boat on this trip!

On Jan 29 Bee proved to be lucky landing a nice 7.9lbs red spring at Trail Island not one minute after getting her rod down. Bee took her fish in 150ft using the mojo/blue flasher setup. They trolled for another hour and a half coming up to the high tide at 10:30 with no other takes and finished the day with 11+ lbs of prawns from 300ft, but not one crab from 80ft.

On Jan 31st, Davis Bay Sports Fishing was out to Trail a couple of hours before the low tide at 4:16 p.m. At 2:30 picked up a 10.2 lbs keeper on a sunk/punk gypsy and purple flasher from 110ft on the wire fishing in 140ft of water. The fish was full of 1-2 inch shiners, and was sporting a foot long lamprey which jumped ship as the fish was being netted. Bob put in another hour with out any more hits and called it a "prefect" day one hour before the tide.

Feb 2nd, Mike K. fishing for the first time this year out at Trail Islands, went out 3 hrs before the 11:50 high tide with nothing to show other than a dinky little flounder. Watching Bobby D pull up his second string of prawn traps, at 12:15 my gear started to jerk, thinking I hit bottom, my line started to peel out. After a 10 min battle - low and behold a 23.2 lb spring ..caught at 150 ft with a green and silver coyote spoon c/w hologram etching and with a red silver flasher. Great Day!

Feb 3 Davis Bay Sports Fishing got his gang out on the waters of Halfmoon Bay around 8:00am set two strings of prawn traps then took to trolling the Bay. The morning low gave up nothing but a few ling, but no worries Halfmoon has never been good to me fishen the low. The high at 1:01pm took a while to kick in but then three good hits in a row one from 160ft green/silver coyote and two from 180ft on anchovy. One lost at the net, which looked good, one just a hair short and a nice 9lbs keeper.

Feb 5 Bob started his day at 8:45am with his spin around Trail seeing no feed Bob headed to the rocks at the Western end of the Islands looking into Sargents Bay. It took until just before the high slack at 11:45am before pay dirt an 18.5 lbs spring took a lime apex from 180ft in180ft. Bob had to make one more pass just after the tide and took a 7.8lbs keeper from an anchovy held at 200ft in 180ft of water both rods were fish clean no flasher and both fish had a 5 inch herring in their belly.

Feb 6-Randy and Sara fished Halfmoon Bay at noon high tide using cut plug herring and caught 10lb spring and lost one by the boat at 130 ft. Prawning not bad outside of Pirate rock about 40 average in a trap, in a few hours.

Feb 7 Davis Bay Sports Fishing found a window of opportunity to get out fishing Secret Cove for the few hours before the low at 12:01pm. Phil G. had taken a monster in the area mooching Sat the Feb 3, I was hopping there would be a few more hanging around. It did not take long on the first pass coming up to the Red House in 140ft of water the rig pulling the Army/Truck coyote and green flasher took a 15lbs.

Feb 16 Dais Bay Sports Fishing had a gang of local's out on the water early. We set traps for prawn from 300to 270ft then trolled around Trail for the hours leading up to the high slack around 11:30am. Not a bump not a sniff not a tickle! Not even as much as a sole or a flounder. Thank goodness for the load of prawns, with the traps from 290-270ft producing the best.

Feb 17th, Randy and his brother Mike mooched Bejiere Shoal and caught 1 keeper spring, and were raked 8 or so times. The salmon were giving no chances and 1 pass and they were gone. It was nice to get some action on the live bait as it has been awhile.

On Feb 20th, Steve gave it a try at Gambier and landed a nice 16 lb red spring on a anchovie in a holder at 140 ft. The .fish was full of 4 inch herring and there was lots of feed showing. He talked with one other boat but they had no luck.

On Feb 21st, a moocher took a fish over 20 lbs at Secret Cove and his wife would not net it for her husband in case she knocked it off!

On Feb 22nd, Bob fished Davis Bay Sat from 3:00 to 5:30; not a bump, not a sniff, not a tickle! Bob said he will be back tomorrow with some clients and hopes things are a bit more lively.

On Feb 23rd, Bob fished Davis Bay from 3:00-5:30 and had one good fish on right away at 160ft on the wire and lost it. Bob did get some nice crab from 160ft, but no salmon.

On Feb 26th, Bob had better results, he caught a hatchery marked chinook keeper from Sargents Bay before the high tide at 12:15. He then pulled the prawn traps which were all loaded. He had time to troll the last 20 mins before the tide across the outside of Trail and hooked another good one and lost it. Both fish hit the army truck gypsy in 180ft of water with the gear as close to bottom as he dare get. Bob finished the day with a limit of big crab, again from 180ft of water. Both the fish and my crab trap were full of big shiners.

On Feb 27th, Steve fished the miday tide at Gambier Island and took one spring about 12 lbs on bait at 160' on the wire in 165ft.of water. No other bites and little feed showing.

On Feb 27th, Bob fished Davis Bay from 8:30-10:30 through the low tide at 9:40. He had two double headers before the tide and one fish after the tide. Bob landed four of the five that hit all under size, one was heavy enough but and ¼" to short. All fish hit between 180-240ft of water with gear set down near the bottom. Two took the army truck gypsy spoon and three went for a needle fish army truck hootchie and purple flasher. The weather was awesome, flat calm, hot and sunny!

On March 1st, Steve and Dean were out at Halfmoon Bay this morning and landed six keepers. They tossed a couple back looking for bigger ones, all the fish were between 8 and 12 lbs caught on bait and the mojo. The gear was working best between 140 and 165 on the wire. They also talked to another boat that limited out with 4 chinook and one moocher landed a fish.

On March 2, 2002 Bob took his clients fishing at Trail Islands. They landed a couple nice winter chinooks and were able to keep one legal sized fish. He also spoke to a friend who was fishing the same tide, and landed a couple of legal sized chinook as soon as he got his lines in. The fishing has been consistent at Trail Islands for the past 3 weeks.

On March 2nd, Bob fished Halfmoon Bay with Gary and friend from Gibson's. They thought they give it it try because of the hot tip off the site from Steve. After the first hour Bob was thinking he had made a wrong move chasing fish that had been there the day before. Right near the high tide at 4:40 Bob and his clients had a good hit and lost it and then just after the tide Gary's pal landed a 15lbs, a real dandy for the winter. Both fish hit an army truck gypsy in 160ft with the gear at 140ft with a purple flasher.

On March 8th, Joel and Louie caught 2 chinook off Trail Islands using an army truck and mojo coyote spoon at 135' on the wire.

On March 9th, Bob fished Davis Bay for two hours before low tide at 3:50 and landed a keeper and one just under size chinook salmon. Both salmon hit an anchovy with no flasher around the 100ft mark. The keeper was a hatchery marked fish that showed signs of growing. It had a large anchovy in its belly.

On March 14, Ron Patterson and Morgan fished the Trail Islands because they heard reports the fishing was hot. Upon starting to fish Ron thought his buddy let the downrigger out to fast when he noticed the line had popped off. They soon discovered it was a fish and reeled it in, they ended up with 2 legal sized chinook.

March 16 and 17th, Fire Chief Bill and a buddy went out on his vessel the "Kloshie Bay" for the weekend. They fished Narrows Inlet all day and observed a lot of herring on the sounder but not even a sniff. On the way home Bill and his partner Leroy stopped at Snake Bay to try their luck once again. As soon as they put the lines down at 2:00 pm on Sunday the fish started to hit, they ended up with 4 chinook in the 8 -12 lbs. range. Bill said there was no herring on the sounder and the tide wasn't until 6:00, nevertheless the cut plug herring and green and white coyote spoon did the job.

On March 17th, Bob fished the Trail Islands with his clients. The father and son caught 1 keeper chinook, 2 undersized and lost 1 beside the boat during a 3 hour charter and saw 4 others landed by 3 boats.

On March 17th, Morgan landed 3 chinook at Trail Islands trolling green and white Coyote Spoons fishing at 150'.

On March 21st, Bob fished Trail Islands with his clients and caught 2 legal sized chinook. One fish bit 2 hours before the tide change and 1 just before. It is nice to know that the fish are biting on schedule.

On March 22nd, Bob fished Davis Bay with Harry and Jorgena from Maryland for the two hours before the low. Had three fish to the boat out of five hooked but all undersize. Later they went to Trail for the tide change and landed two keepers one around 10 lbs. Fish all hit from 120-140ft on bait, army truck spoon but the hot lure was a purple haze hootchie, and blue flasher.

On March 22nd, Sid and Al went out for the afternoon low tide at Epsom Point. We hit one fish. Al called it "dinner" right on the slack at 160' on the wire with an army truck coyote spoon and a purple flasher.

On March 23 and 24th, Fire Chief Bill fished Sechelt Inlet on his vessel the "Kloshie Bay". The weather was excellent and each day he fished for 2 hours durng the mid afternoon landing 1 keeper chinook each time. Bill was fishing at 100' on the downrigger using a green flasher with a green and white Coyote Spoon and reported a lot of bait in the vicinity of Snake Bay. He was wondering why more boats aren't out fishing. I informed him that I would of been out fishing (Sid-Sunshine Lady Fishing Charters) if I wasn't tied up taking this 40 hour Wilderness Survival First Aid Course over the past two weekends that just ended!.

On March 23rd, Joel landed 2 chinooks fishing Trail Islands.

On March 22nd, Bob fished the Trail Islands with the family for the morning bite and caught 1 legal sized chinook. The wind was blowing just hard enough to go right through you. In the evening Bob took a client out to Trail Islands for the evening, fishing was slow they had 1 very large fish on and lost it and that was it.

On March 26th, Sid and Uncle Rich fished Epsom Point after work. We headed out from the dock at 5:00pm and had the lines in the water around 5:20. The southwest wind was hitting us on our front quarter and the waves were around 2-3 feet high, just enough to get things rocking. On our first pass we hit a double headder of springs around 7-8 lbs each at 155 and 140' respectively on the wire. The fish hit on a purple flasher with a gypsy coyote spoon and a blue flasher with an army truck teaser head with an anchovy. Uncle Rich took his fish home for dinner and I let mine go. The night fell quick and we wrapped things up by 6:30pm. The tide conditions were to awesome for us Die Hard Fishermen to pass on!

On March 25 and 26th, Obrey landed 6 chinook fishing Halfmoon Bay and Fraser Rock off Thornamby Island using live bait near the bottom.

On March 28th, Sid took an extended long weekend and started it by going out fishing with his uncle Rich on the Sunshine Lady. It didn't take long to get the first fish trolling at 120' with an anchovy just before you turn to go into Snake Bay. Rather than turning into the Bay we kept trolling straight and hooked another fish at 100' on the north end of Snake Bay. We kept trolling down towards the summer cabins and didn't see any bait so we decided to go and try Sandy Hook. Fishing the ledge their we hit our 3rd fish trolling at 120' in 150' of water again with an anchovy just before the Tillicum Bay marina. There was a lot of bait showing in front of Gray Creek on the sounder. The weather was awesome and the chinook salmon we caught ranged from 8 - 12lbs

On March 28th, Petros T. fished for a couple hours in the afternoon and landed one 9 lbs chinook right before high slack just north of the 3rd marker on the back side of Bowen. He caught it at 150' right off the bottom on a glow anchovy teaser, no flasher. The fish was absolutely gorged on 4 inch herring-about 15 herring in his stomach ! After that he had his bait raked, stripped off and mutilated several times but no more fish on. Went to Tunstall for the beginning of the ebb tide. Good bait showing. No fish though-just aggressive seals.

On March 29th, Bill the Fire Chief and his dog smokey fished Snake Bay for a couple of hours. They caught 2 legal sized chinook and lost 1 other fish using a green and white coyote spoon fishing at 100' on the downrigger. The bite was just before and right on the low water tide change.

On March 29th, Bob fished Davis Bay with his client and they caught 1 legal sized chinook salmon weighing approximately 10lbs. in the morning and in the evening he went out again and caught another legal sized fish.

On March 29th, Bob fished Davis Bay and Trail Island with his clients. They caught 2 nice chinook salmon to take home and got into a three other undersize salmon. The fish were bit the purple haze hootchie with a blue flasher 120-140' on the wire. Bob also reported the prawning was good and that they had a lot of fun on this Great Afternoon of Fishing! In fact so much that the same clients are going out with him again tomorrow.

On, March 31, Sid was out with 2 friends and they had 1 good fish on that Al lost. We fished for a couple of hours and the bite was right on the tide change at 9 am in front of the creek in Snake Bay.

On March 30, Bob was out guiding on a 30' Commander for a customer who is new at the fishing game. They landed 2 undersized chinook and 1 keeper trolling between 120' - 140' fishing from Epson Point to the Gap. The fish were full of needle fish,so get out your hootchies and work those sand flats.

On March 30th, Bill the Fire Chief took out 2 of his men from the hall and caught 2 legal sized chinook, and lost 2 fish in Snake Bay. The fish were biting green and white Coyote Spoons, and Blood and Bones Hoochies at 100' on the downrigger.

On March 30th, Bob fished Trail Islands for the two hours before the low. They lost one and took a keeper on the purple haze hootchie 125ft and hauled in good load of prawns. They finished off the trip to Davis Bay fishing the hour after the tide landing one keeper, releasing one under size and losing two. Most of the action came from the purple haze 125ft. Bob brought the clients in and returned by himself to fish the 3:10 high tide at Davis Bay, losing one and releasing one just a hair short.

On March 30th, Petros T. fished a couple hours just before the low slack at the Waterfall and landed a 26 inch chinook at 150', approximately 1/2 hr before low slack. The fish had about 5 herring in him. There was good bait off bottom and he lost another fish just after low slack. The second one was hooked at 150 feet on the plateau north of the 3rd marker. Both fish weer caught right off bottom and on a glow anchovy no flasher. He has been fishing 1 rig with a dummy flasher and one rig with no flasher at all. Petros has noticed that all his fish lately have come from the rig with no flasher.

On March 30th, Wade caught a 14 lb chinook mooching in front of Secret Cove.

On March 31st, Steve tried Gambier today and it was great. He landed several keepers and kept two; one was 12lbs and the other was 10 lbs. He also lost several and two of them were heavy fish but he didn't see them. The fish were feeding on 4 inch herring and taking coyotes and herring in a white holder. All the fish were deep, not less than 160' on the wire. He also heard of two fish taken yesterday in the Gibsons area. For all you Gibsons Fishers' its time to get out and put some fish on the new licenses in APRIL!



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