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2014 Fall Fishing Report

These next couple of months will continue to see coho and chum fishing in Chapman Creek. We have had reports of winter springs off Trail Islands, Davis Bay and Halfmoon Bay.

We are starting to have chums around the beaches at Davis Bay and the Provincial Campsite beach in Porpoise Bay and don't hesitate to check out Wakefield Creek, Sargents Bay, Bonnie Brooke, Roberts Creek and Langdale Creek beach just to name a few hot stops. They will take a fly and are not as spooky as the coho, try a large bunny hair fly in bright pink, purple or lime green, or give a fresh cut plug herring or anchovy suspended form a small bobber a go. These are great fighting fish and they come in good numbers during the month of Oct.

The Coho run has started and there is still fish out off Davis Bay and yes we get fresh fish coming right into Nov, so go down and give it a try, morning low tides always seen to give up the best results. Pink and Lime Green rooster tails have been one of the few lures that has managed to open the tight lipped coho, no word from the fly casters so far as to what color has been working for them. Even though the beaches are not as full of fishers' when it rains there will be some real good fishing on Chapman Creek.

If your not a beach or river fisher it is cool enough to head out for winter springs, get out the green spoons and head down to 120-200ft hugging the bottom looking for fresh feeders. Prawning will get better and start looking around 300ft work in or out from there, best results come from soaking your traps through a tide change. Crabbing was awesome this summer, look around 60-100ft Davis Bay and Sargents Bay give up some big monsters during the fall.

Lure choice will also depend on the water color, of late it has stayed murky, and thus the reason olive green (army/truck) or dark green have been a good producers. We can expect the water to clear and then lean towards the lighter and brighter greens, or blue. Same with your flasher colors stick with what has been working on one side and play with different colors on the other, especially when the water clarity or color changes, or is different than the last time you were on the water. Bite times are important; of late the low tide bite has come on two to three hours before the slack and has stayed steady for an hour past the tide. On the other hand the high tide bite has come on hot near the high slack and then over, don't get caught running off to find fish at another spot while missing the bite. Depths, fish around Secret Cove, Epsom Point are best at 120-150ft.

Crabbing has picked uplook to 50-120ft off Davis Bay for some nice big keepers. Prawning will improve as the little guys grow fast, so look to the 270ft - 300ft as a starting point. Please check the areas you are prawning in, there have been closures in winters past and they may be in place now.

Play safe and check the marine weather reports before going out, leave a note at home so your family knows when you plan to return, and where you are going to be fishing!.

Some hot spots will be:

Pender Harbour Area - (Quarry Bay, Bargain Harbour, Bjerre Shoal, Agamemnon Channel, A-Frame)

Secret Cove- (Red House, Mouth of the Cove, Thormanby Island - Epsom Pt)

Sechelt - (Trail Islands, Davis Bay, Halfmoon Bay)

Sechelt Inlet - (Snake Bay, Sandy Hook, Tillicum Bay, Nine Mile Point, Maclean Bay, Narrows Inlet)

Gibsons - (Twin Island, Bowen Island, Cape Roger Curtis, Worlcombe Island, Pt. Cowan, PoPham)

Clams - prior to harvesting clams always check to make sure you are not digging when there is a PSP Closure by checking out DFO's Fishery Notice on PSP levels at: DFO Red Tide Closures for area 16 or call (604) 666-2828.

To view DFO Management Area maps in order to ensure you know where the boundaries are for various areas or sub-areas that you are interested in fishing, check out their website at: Management Areas Pacific Region.


You won't get better fishing information for the Sunshine Coast.

We hope to see you soon!!!!

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