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Custom Solaris System Administration Labs

  • Solstice DiskSuite Command Line Configuration Lab

    Solstice DiskSuite is a product from Sun Microsystems that allows a pre-existing Solaris UFS disk configuration to benefit from Logical Volume Management. For the Solaris System Administrator intent on remaining with UFS, DiskSuite avoids having to undergo a complete reconfiguration of some or all disk resources, as is required by other Logical Volume Management software (including Sun's own Enterprise Volume Manager). Although the primary interface for Solstice DiskSuite is graphical, this lab proves that command line configuration is also suitable.

  • Configuring A NIS+ Master/Home Directory Server and Clients

    As a System Administrator, your task of propagating data or information to all users is made easier by having their home directories located centrally. The chief benefit of making all hosts clients of a NIS+ Master Server is centralized user authentication. Thus, in combination, a NIS+ Master Server and Home Directory Server provides a quality of uniform workstation behaviour that can be a huge asset to end users who change hosts frequently.

  • Configuring Solaris Jumpstart Without a Name Service

    Sun Sparc and Ultra hosts can be configured as clients of Jumpstart Servers, meaning that even if the clients presently do not have the Solaris Operating System installed on them, they can be made to not only boot from the network but have the Solaris Operating System installed and configured on them with little or no human intervention. Eventually, they would complete their installation and reboot, arriving at the normal CDE dtlogin screen with knowledge of their root password already supplied. This lab allows a System Administrator who is not using a Name Service (NIS, NIS+) to enjoy all the advantages of Solaris Jumpstart.


Custom UNIX/Linux System Administration Labs

  • Generic Interactive UNIX Shell Prompts

    This page contains a selection of interactive shell prompts that simultaneously inform the user of the client's hostname and the current working directory. Prompts for the Korn, POSIX, C, and BASH shells are included.

  • Linux & Windows 2000 Dual Boot Lab

    This lab describes how to create a dual boot environment with Linux and Windows 2000, and how to backup and restore the Windows partition using Linux.

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