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Configuring A NIS+ Master/Home Directory Server and Clients

This lab will convert a single Sun host into a combination NIS+ Master Server and Home Directory server, with one or more Sun hosts as clients. For Home Directory access, the client hosts will use the NFS Automounter.

This lab does not presume to cover any other aspects of NIS+, NFS, or network administration.

A fresh OS install on all machines would be ideal, but is not an absolute necessity.

NIS+ Master Server Setup and Configuration

On the NIS+ Master Server (referred to here by the hostname "scully") perform the following steps as the root superuser:

NIS+ Client Setup and Configuration

As root superuser, initialize your NIS+ client by binding it to the NIS+ Master Server.

Testing Our Results

To verify that all has been configured correctly, each student should move to a different client that has completed its reboot. If necessary, one student could use the Master itself. Log in as one of the new users created in the NIS+ Master Configuration section above.

Use CDE to create a uniquely colourful workspace with an individual look and layout for each student. Touch a file with an unusual name that only you would know as your own. Save the workspace configuration as you log out of CDE.

Now move to another client in your domain (or the Master itself) and log in. You should be given the exact same CDE workspace environment as the one you just created on the previous machine. Also, our touched file will be present. This is because we are now sharing home directory space for all users and clients from one place (the NIS+ Master Server) courtesy of automounting, and we are using NIS+ for password security. Thus, no matter which client we are now on, our workspace will always be just as we last saved it.

This quality of uniform workstation login behaviour can be a huge asset to users who change machine locations frequently. As a system administrator, your task of propagating data or information to all users is made easier by having their home directories located centrally.

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