Jeff Hay-Roe

Yes, I am Jeff Hay-Roe. I live with my wife and our nine children in Gibsons, in British Columbia. We attend Grace Covenant Church. Grace Church was formerly a member of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches, and hopes to be so again.


I enjoy making beer.
Getting ready to lager.

Cannon Heath Down

Yes, I played the guitar, sang a bit, and wrote some songs for Cannon Heath Down.



Here's some gripping prose for ya ... no charge!

MSN Virus

Virus: Worm.IRC.MyPhoto.a
How to remove.


The other day at work, I wrote a rather clever method called DoThatVoodooYouDo. Since doit is (it seems to me) a fairly common function/method name, I would have thought that DoThatVoodooYouDo would have been thought of by someone else, but was suprised later to see that Google had no hits for it.



WakeUp Call is an alarm clock program. It wakes you up by ringing your phone. Don't get it? Look at this badly-drawn cartoon banner ad. WakeUp Call is really great if you have the problem of sleeping through your alarm clock.


Here's what I was up to in the early 1990s...



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