Cannon Heath Down

Heart-throb Companion, Bongo Sunrise Records, 1987


The Cannon Heath Down FAQ

Is it true that all of Cannon Heath Down lived in the same house?
Yes, for most of the time CHD was in existence, we all lived in a single house in East Vancouver. Jon, Frank, and Cam lived upstairs, with Jeff and his wife Jacquie (and later their first daughter) living downstairs. There were also several cats.
Is it true that most of your songs were banned by the BBC?
No comment.
Is it true that the video for Bone of Contention was banned by CTV?
Is it true that the band, when it was just Jeff, Cam, and some other guy (Rod) was called "The 5th of November", and that Jon, whose birthday actually is November 5, joined later?
Is it true that CHD found Jon by advertising for a drummer?
Yes, Jon (who of course already played guitar and sang and wrote great songs) answered the ad and did a bit of drumming, but eventually we taught Frank how to play drums instead, and put Jon where he belonged.
Is it true that you were all born in a 10-month period?
Yes, from November 5, 1964 to September 4, 1965.
So you weren't actually all in the womb at the same time?
No, not quite. But we tried.
Did you really try?
No. Jon and Cam, being the first ones conceived, were completely unable to exert any influence on the parents of Jeff and Frank, as they (Jon and Cam) were still in the womb.
Is it true that the band name changed from "The 5th of November" to "Bayou Drachma", and that the members adopted French names?
Yes. Pierre, Henri, Guy, and Luc. (Or, as we sometimes used to say, "Pierre, Henri, Guy, et Luc".) All with the last name Lafleur.
Jeff was Pierre, Frank was Henri, Cam was Guy, and Jon was Luc?
Is it true that the name "Cannon Heath Down" came from the book Watership Down, but that none of you had read the book when you picked the name?
I think so, yeah.
What are some of the bands CHD opened for?
Grapes of Wrath, 5440, Game Theory, The Water Walk.
The Water Walk?
Yes. Dale Darlington, Dave Kershaw, Ike Eidsness, and later Lynne Kellman. Go to the Nettwerk store, listen to some samples (start with "What the Moon Saw"), and then buy their record "Thingamajig".

CHD Pics

You wanna see some CHD photos here? All you have to do is ask!

In the meantime, here are some shots of me at work:


... and one of me in my kilt (the Roe tartan) ...

Okay, okay ... here are some of Cannon Heath Down.

at Lighthouse Park ... probably 1985

in our back yard in East Van ... 1987ish

playing at I-don't-remember-where ... opening for I-don't-remember-who (1987ish)
(Since we played a lot at the Town Pump, that was my first guess. But the Town Pump doesn't have pillars like that. Maybe this is the Commodore Ballroom, where we once opened for Go Four Three and Bob's Your Uncle. Somebody's Marshall stack is behind Cam.)

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