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The weather station is an AcuRite Pro weather station, having been a Davis Weather Monitor II/Wizard III for 14 years, and is located in Delta/Tsawwassen B.C. which is part of Vancouver Canada (approx. 1 mile north of Point Roberts WA). The webpage shows AcuRite Pro weather (via Weather Underground IBCDELTA4).

See my Weather page for more info and display options.

It is reasonable to expect higher temperature, rain and wind measurements as the AcuRite Pro station is located well away from obstructions and trees which are believed to have influenced the Davis station. Trees to the southwest will reduce windspeeds from the Straights of Georgia, as will English Bluff.


For detailed "Daily Wx History" charts, please click either display. This will take you to the station specific display for IBCDELTA4 on Weather Underground.


Historical Rainfall

Acurite Weather (2017- ...) | Davis Weather (2003-2016)
2018 8887.7 mm to Nov 2 1030AM

2017 1420.1 mm
2016 861.4 mm
2015 784.6 mm
2014 929.4 mm
2013 731.8 mm
2012 794.6 mm
2011 762.2 mm
2010 725.9 mm
2009 741.8 mm
2008 634.1 mm
2007 696.7 mm
2006 641.5 mm
2005 610.3 mm
2004 819.3 mm
2003 673.7 mm

An alternate weather display for this station is available at Weather Underground. The Weather Underground is an alternate source of Internet weather feeds with contributions from mostly private non-HAM weather stations.

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Last Updated: 2018 November 2