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So, you look up, look waaaay up, and then call Rusty. The all of a sudden there's a sandbox in your railway and Tonka toys on the mainline.


For the two or three of you that have been paying attention, Kudos for your patience. After three years and no significant changes, well ... I have no excuses. Maybe one day I'll post some big update with new pictures and stuff. For now, lets say work is still ongoing. Slowly.

"so if I ride this fire truck really fast and hit this ramp... "

12/07/2002 Welcome to the GVRR
The Greater Vancouver Garden Railway club is now online. Visit them at


12/07/2002 Brendan Lavery - Director of Operations Promoted
Director of Operations, Brendan Lavery, has been promoted to "Official Cool Dude" . When asked for a comment, he responded "Bob Builder? Daaaaad! Juice NOW! "...


Conure Pacific Merger
The Lynx Mountain and Blackberry has merged with the newly formed Conure Pacific. President and CEO "Raffles" Pyrhurra Molinae is seen here inspecting the line. The new CP line will be mainly involved in the transport of sunflower seeds and millet sprays.


First Run on New Line
The new Lynx Mountain and Blackberry line opened in a subdued ceremony. Porter #1 recreated the first run from the original LM&B with flat car #1 and stock car #1 in tow.


New Line started
After two years of landscaping, construction on the new Lynx Mountain line started today.


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