Who we are

Linda B

- Vice President, Bean Counter and Cooler Head that Prevails

Sean and Linda Sean T. Lavery ( slavery )

President, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

- Director of Operations, Junior junior birdman
- President, Conure Pacific
Oregon Ravenscroft III 
- fictional character

Message From the President
So... why another web page seemingly about nothing significant and having no effect on or advice efficient global economies, personal wealth and well being or the continuous turning of the Earth in space ?

Why not? That seems to be the trend...

OK - I admit to a serious lapse in common sense. If you're reading this so far, you're either a friend, a student or a garden railroader. Or you were searching for bondage and slavery and accidentally got here ... sorry, no whips and chains - just plants and trains...
So, that accounts for maybe 0.002% of Internet users. Why bother?

First, I am a computer teacher at  Point Grey Secondary School in Vancouver, B.C. . For ten years I've been happy teaching DOS based applications which all went out of style in the late 90's ( early 90's ? our school is typically 10 years out of date....). Teaching programming seems a little like teaching Latin. Now the curriculum calls for HTML, Multimedia, Electronic Communication and maybe, if there's time, a little Programming.

So here I am- practising what I preach, so to speak. I needed a theme, don't have a dog or cat, the birds are camera shy, everything that can be said about the Simpsons has been said. What's left of my life that I'm willing to broadcast is here.

Second and more importantly, I want to document this railroad. Of course, I realize now it's been two years since I've visited this project and a lot has happened since. Maybe this time I'll keep things up now that I'm using a program that does what I want it to do.

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  First, blame me for the content and design...then... 

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