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Fishing Reports



July 19th Tips Up had Heather and Harry out – Started at Epsom with no luck.  We decided to run across to Sangster and after three Rockies and two nice Lings we tried another shot for salmon.  Only 15 minutes into the troll we landed a 20lb male on again the green flasher frog hoochie.  This time we were at the Southeast end of Sangster at 110’ on the wire.  Finished the trip off with 3 doz prawns.


July 17th Tips Up was out for a family day with two younger boys.  We trolled Epsom for an hour and landed a 10lb Ling Cod surprisingly near the marker.  Decided to head over to Sangster and after some fun bottom fishing for the kids we tried for salmon between Sangster and Seal.   Landed a 12 lb hatchery female from 110’ on the wire with a green flasher and a frog hoochie.


July 14th A group from West Van caught a 94lb Halibut and two Chinook from Lesquitti  - Young Pt -  The Salmon weighed in at 14 and 21lbs


July 7th D Kohuch landed a 30lb Chinook from Sangster


July 5th R Graham reported his son Tyler landed a 32lb Chinook from Epsom point


June 29th Tips Up was out to Epsom with Robbie and Richard for an 8 hour trip.  In the morning we fished the North East side of Thormanby and caught one under size.  We tried in front of the cove due to the SE wind and found nothing.  We decided to go back out to Epsom and after only 15 minutes we were into a nice fish that flipped the hooks on the way in after a few great runs.  After we re-rigged the same rod went off again and this time we were into a great fish that peeled many yards of line off.  Unfortunately the same results.   As the fish was finally on its way to the boat, again it flipped the hooks.  Richard who just came from Tofino said “they did not have any fish there with the power of that one”.  Both fish hit the green herring teaser green flasher at 85’.


June 28th Tips Up was out to Epsom with customers in the relentless rain.  Caught one undersize on the herring teaser


June 23rd & 24th Tips Up was out for personal fishing with son Ryan both days.  Two undersize on the 23rd with two doz prawns and ten undersize and 4 doz prawns on the 24th.  The fish were hitting the herring teaser and various coyote spoons.  I did have one huge hit on the teaser that broke off (which must have been from frayed line from the numerous undersize lings).


June 21st Tips Up was out to Epsom with customers Phil and Courtney.  We fished around the Shoal to the West side of Thormanby and finally got a hit on the herring teaser that turned out to be undersize.  We kept moving South toward the marker and then the rod with the teaser went off again- 14 lb hatchery male.  We kept moving the same direction and 15 minutes later the rod with the army truck went off for the second 14 lb hatchery male.  We had a few other bumps and all action was between 70 to 80 feet on the wire. We packed up after action halted to find 4 doz jumbo prawns in the traps.