The Mt. Hallowell Recreational Area is a varied forest environment highly visible
from Malaspina and Georgia Straits, Jervis and Sechelt Inlets. Here there are
woodland recreational corridors to Skookumchuck Rapids, Klein Lake and

Mt. Hallowell Fire Watch Tower is located on the top of the northern peak of the
Caren Range. The Sunshine Coast Heritage Society with Friends of Caren, B.C.
Forest Service, Pender Harbour Wildlife and Volunteers are rehabilitating the
Forest Watchtower and Supply Trail.

1. The Mine Road from Pender Harbour switchbacks through 2nd growth forest to
the Copper Mine Campsite and a Douglas Fir plantation of 1972 (950 M.+
elevation). Further the Northern Ancient Forest of The Caren Range with
occasional ponds and meadows leads to the mountain slopes. A supply trail climbs
steeply to the Tower. This southern face of the mountain has a small climate zone
that permits redcedar to mix with yellow-cypress and some old Douglas Firs up to
1200 Meters (4000 ft)in elevation. Subalpine Hemlock Forests are deep around the
peak on ledges and in troughs. The edges and exposed tops are mainly clad by
shore pine with white pine, cypress and mountain hemlock all stunted by rock and
climate. The Mine Road from Malaspina Substation is subject to washouts,
generally 4 wheel drive, a steep walk that will take 5 - 8 hours return.

2. Up from Klein Lake on the northern ridge mixed scrub shields a stand of old
growth douglas fir. Troughs of brush hemlock and hog's back of open mixed
forest, regrowth from a historic fire lead to a pine clad bump at 1000 M. (3300 ft).
Mossy openings invite rest in the views before diving into the deep mixed
subalpine forest of the final slopes. Klein Lake to Hallowell Peak 5 - 7 hours

3. From Highway 101 up Halfmoon Bay Forestry Road up to the power-line at 13
Km. turn left at 13.5 Km, (1000 M. elevation). Enter the old growth forest at Km.
15.5. Exit the old growth at Km. 18 into the broad views of a 600 Hectare
clearcut. Crest a hill at Km. 19, ahead lies the Mountain and Tower. On into the
Douglas Fir Plantation, pass the top of the Mine Road, to Km. 20, the North
Forest and Hallowell Trailhead. Hallowell supply trail 2 - 3 hours return.


Bird's eye views: Pender Harbour, Sakinaw Lake and Ruby Lake. South to west:
Across the Straits, Vancouver Island from Nanaimo to Campbell River and more
than 1\2 the Vancouver Island skyline is visible, with the alligator, Texada
Island lying in the middle.  West to north: Nelson and Hardy Islands, the
entrance to Jervis Inlet, Hotham Sound and Powell River Back-country. North to
east: The reaches and mountains of Jervis and Narrows Inlets and the Peaks of
the Tantalus Range near Squamish. East to south: The Tetrahedron, Mt. Baker
and South Georgia Strait to the San Juan Islands.

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