All photos copyright École du Pacifique © 2001

Caren Range June 2001 photo safari

  Near the top of unnamed falls on Myers Creek in Spipiyus Provincial Park.

  At the top of the falls.

  View of Malaspina Strait from top of  the spectacular falls on Myers Creek.

  Hiker pauses at the top of  creek before it plunges into the abyss  hundreds of meters below.

  Dozens of small, shallow, fast-moving streams rush through the oldgrowth at spring thaw.

Dozens of spring streams, like capillaries nourish rich moss beds.

Contrary to popular belief, most trees do not fall over when they die (unless of course they are cut down).  This tree just disintegrated, forming a mossy compost heap where new growth will naturally regenerate in a process occuring over thousands of years.

The North-South Thormanby Island Gap seen from the Caren Range.

Photographic ecstasy awaits the hiker in the Caren Range's never-ending natural masterpiece.  Only a tiny piece of the original oldgrowth forest was saved, but what a treasure thanks to the many volunteers and supporters who helped create Spipiyus Provincial Park.

Photos by Roger and Joël Lagassé.

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