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Immediate Release: January 30, 2002:  No Nukes at Nanoose, says SPEC
Folks at the Sunshine Folk Festival near Powell River wave Stop Star Wars II post cards in an impromptu demonstration against nuclear weapons in the Strait of Georgia.

Reporting in on CFMETR openhouse
Peace Prayer by Mark Twain

Please act now to prohibit  the presence of Nuclear Powered and Nuclear Armed Vessels in the Strait of Georgia.
If you want peace...don't parrot failed 4th century Roman generals

*** Sechelt First Nations Elder spoke at Nanoose Hearings
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Call or email a politician!

Please contact the BC Premier to encourage the provincial government to stand firm in their opposition to nuclear arms in the Strait of Georgia and to support their anti-expropriation appeal.

Please call your Member of Parliament   and Prime Minister Jean Chrétien (1-800-667-3355) and ask them to oppose the presence of  nuclear weapons in the Strait of Georgia.

Copy and circulate the Nuclear Free Georgia Strait Campaign petition below.



Petition Opposing the Presence of  Nuclear Powered
and Nuclear Armed Vessels in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia
Petition to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

WHEREAS more than half of the U.S.  nuclear vessels conducting tests and exercises in the Strait of Georgia have had accidents, including radioactive coolant leaks from their reactors;

AND WHEREAS an accident resulting in the release of a radioactive cloud would threaten the lives of over 2 million British Columbians who live in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, the Sunshine Coast, and other communities around the Georgia Strait;

AND WHEREAS  more than 2,200 tonnes of copper, lithium, hydrogen cyanide, lead, smoke flares, guidance wire and other toxic material associated with the tests has routinely been dumped into fish habitat;

AND WHEREAS the Strait of Georgia has been declared a nuclear-weapons free zone by all the above communities including the Government of B.C.;

We, the undersigned, being residents of B.C. , Canada, request that the Provincial Legislature continue to oppose the presence of nuclear  weapons systems in the Strait of  Georgia.

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Please return completed forms to the Nuclear Free Georgia Strait Campaign, Sunshine Coast
Peace Group; C/O Denise & Roger Lagassé;
Box 39 Southwood Site; RR#1 Halfmoon Bay, BC V0N 1Y0  Ph: 885-4353



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