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This site dedicated to the memory of longtime peace activits Gilbert Joe, Frances Ayres , Molly Bain, Frank Fuller, Erik Cardinal, Iris & Elaine Griffith and Mary Mitrovitz ..

A result of U.S. led air strikes over Basra on March 22, 2003.  AP/Nabil
Photo left: Rescue worker carries child victim of US/British aerial bombing of Basra

  SC Peace Group antiwar demonstrations: Saturdays from 9:30 AM accross from autowreckers along Ferry bypass route. Info: 885-4353 or 886-9151
Cost of war
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- Speech to Press Club by Tim Robbins
- Noam Chomsky interviewed by Michael Albert, Apr. 13, 2003
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at the Bridge of Death (Mark Franchetti, Nasiriya The Times UK)
- Why France is America's true friend   By ERIC MARGOLIS -- Toronto Sun
- Dozens of Canadians Remain in Iraq: Globe and Mail
Teach-ins, Peace Vigils, demos.  Various locations; call Roger 885-4353 or Yvonne 886-9151 for details.
a)  What WMD's?  US Greens
b)  Images of world wide Feb 15, 2003 peace march of millions
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